NOVEMBER 30, 2023




Gov. Abdulrahman; Ruiner of Kwara Legacy – PDP Raises Alarm Over Plot To Sell Kwara Hotel


….Condemns ongoing looting of Hotel Properties by Government Agents


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kwara State has demanded explanations from Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq over the current status of the State-owned 4-star Hotel located in Ilorin, the state capital.


The Party said it was shocked to see that expensive properties procured by PDP’s administration to ensure the Kwara Hotel stands out among its peers are being looted and sold off with impunity by supposed agents of the Government at ridiculous prices leaving the edifice emptied and desolated.


In a statement signed by the State Publicity Secretary, in Kwara, Olusegun Olusola Adewara (Sholyments), PDP accused the Abdulrahman government of planning to sell the Hotel secretly after its unfortunate closure since October 2022.


The Party described Abdulrahman and his government as runners of Kwara legacies and political merchants whose sole aim in government is to trade on state hard-earned properties and make stupendous wealth for themselves while pretending to be humble in the face of unsuspecting citizens.


“When the hotel was shut down due to poor management last year, the government lied to Kwarans that it planned to renovate the facility and bring it to a better state of operation while promising that the hotel staff would be deployed to other government ministries. Sadly, those poor staff of the hotel was unjustifiably laid off, leaving them jobless and their families devastated till date.”


“Our party is surprised that the government can be so insensitive and unapologetic in handling the Kwara Hotel after several failed promises to make it better than they met it. Only a ruiner-in-chief of Kwara Legacy and a political merchant whose sole aim is to trade in state’s properties in a bid to increase their wealth will resort to this level of ruination of a 4-star Hotel handed over to them in good condition.”


Up till now, the true state of Kwara’s N17Bn kept in a secret bank by Mr. Governor is yet to be revealed despite repeated efforts to make the government explain the good standing status of that fund. The PDP maintains that we will not allow this huge fund which was borrowed with Kwara monthly allocation as collateral to be used as a retirement package for those in government.


“We condemn in strong terms, the ongoing looting of the Kwara Hotel properties by agents of the APC-led government. We make bold to say that the transactions going on in Kwara Hotel are illegal and do not align with any known procurement law. Why will Kwara Hotel be sold without properly briefing the people by those elected to manage it? What is the reason for its purported sales and why are they selling expensive items procured by the past administrations for the hotel?


We call on the Danladi-led House of Assembly to use this occasion to prove that the assembly is not a rubber stamp or an appendage of the executive. The Party urged the Assembly to immediately rise to the occasion by summoning Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq to provide detailed explanations to Kwarans on the situation with the hotel and why its properties are being looted without due process.


Signed :


Olusegun Olusola Adewara (Sholyments)

State Publicity Secretary,

Kwara PDP

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